A surprise baby can bring plenty of challenges. The good news? There are places where you can get help.

Across the country, pregnancy care centers extend assistance to women in need. To find the nearest one in your area, visit OptionLine.org or text “HELPLINE” to 313131. One of the largest center networks is called Care-Net, and it provides free pregnancy tests, pregnancy information, and material support. Some facilities offer testing for sexually transmitted infections, ultrasounds for pregnancy confirmation, and consultations with licensed medical professionals.

Care center networks can also talk to you about adoption. Couples seeking to adopt outnumber available infants, so even if you’re not ready to raise a child, plenty of people are. One place to find them is Adoption.com, a site that allows those who have been approved by a licensed adoption agency to create a profile page with pictures, contact info, and a personal bio.

Of course, there’s another challenge new moms encounter: threats and abuse. Mothers often feel pressured to abort, and can face blackmail, financial coercion, and violence when they refuse. That’s why the Justice Foundation created its Center Against Forced Abortions, which gives “legal resources to mothers who are being forced or coerced into an unwanted abortion.” It provides letters that can be given to partners, parents, and abortion staff detailing the potential legal consequences of a forced abortion. You can get additional information or contact an attorney by calling (210) 614-7157 or sending an email to info@txjf.org.

Similar organizations include Alliance Defending Freedom, the Thomas More Law Center, the ACLJ, Liberty Counsel, the American Freedom Law Center, Life Legal Defense Foundation, and The Foundation for Moral Law.

Unfortunately, learning that you’re pregnant isn’t always a happy experience, with fear and uncertainty being common emotions. At Right Edge Magazine, we’d like to help you replace them with something else.


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