American Air Filter Co. Fired A Man For Defending Himself

A video began circulating on social media recently that showed a Louisville motorist driving up and pointing his gun at a group of demonstrators. Members of the mob yell at him, with one person denting the back of his vehicle. The man eventually gets out of his vehicle and has a stand-off with the angry crowd until the police arrive.

The images went viral, with many demanding that the individual be doxxed and prosecuted for attempting to run over protesters. In the end, someone did end up getting arrested–but it wasn’t the driver.

The Louisville Metro Police Department released aerial footage showing he had pulled into the turning lane at an intersection that was blocked by two cars. Rather than attempting to run anyone over, the elderly man found himself being rushed by large group of protesters, including one who can be seen pointing a handgun at him.

Louisville’s Courier Journal reported on September 20 that 34-year-old Robin Ash has been charged with wanton endangerment, criminal mischief, and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon. Meanwhile, the man she allegedly threatened is facing no charges.

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However, that didn’t matter to his employer: American Air Filter Co. (AAF Flanders) identified the individual as one of its workers and announced that he had been let go.

“AAF Flanders supports the right to peacefully assemble as an expression of free speech,” a company representative told the Courier Journal. “In our view, the actions of this individual show poor judgment and are inconsistent with the core values of our company. As such, this individual is no longer with the company.”

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According to its website, AAF Flanders offers a range of filtration products and was formed in April 2016 when American Air Filter Co. purchased Flanders Corp. Its Louisville office can be reached at (888) 223 2003 and the company maintains a Twitter account as well as a Facebook profile.

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