Kansas School Board Candidate Supports “Satan Clubs”

While Halloween may be over, it seems that one school board candidate isn’t ready to put away his devil costume just yet. Pittsburg, Kansas resident Michael Fienen is running for a seat on the USD 250 board, and he supports establishing After School Satan Clubs. It’s something Fienen made clear in a 2022 Facebook post:

After School Satan Clubs are the brainchild of an organization known as the Satanic Temple, which has created a children’s song to promote them. It begins by stating, “Satan’s not an evil guy! He wants you to learn and question why. He wants you to have fun and be yourself and by the way there is no Hell.”

In addition to creating music videos aimed at children, the Satanic Temple also sells a variety of merchandise, including items with LGBTQ themes.

A Facebook page created by the political action committee SEK Freedom notes that backing Satan Clubs isn’t the only example of Fienen’s satanic activism, as he has also encouraged children to contact dark entities should they “ever feel scared, alone, or just want to talk.”

Fienen has received an endorsement from the Crawford County Democratic Party alongside fellow candidates Ellen Goode and Megan Stoneberger Johnson.

Interestingly, Crawford County Democratic Party Vice Chair Jack Bertoncino was unconcerned with Fienen’s satanic advocacy, telling SEK Freedom that “Satan is actually one of the few characters in the Eden, story who DIDN’T deceive anyone!”

For its part, SEK Freedom released a statement explaining that the organization believes “everyone has the inalienable God given right to free speech and freedom of religion” and “Fienen has the right to join any religion he wants.” However, it went on to point out that citizens have a right “vote for candidates who most closely align with their belief of what is best for our kids, our teachers, and our schools.”

What’s more, SEK Freedom has endorsed its own slate of candidates alongside the Crawford County Republican Party.

Crawford County isn’t the only place in Kansas where supporters of the Satanic Temple are attempting to exert their influence. Last year, school board members in Ellis County voted to lift a ban on satanic clothing after complaints and legal threats from a local Satanic Temple member.

Meanwhile, Fox News reported in 2022 that the Satanic Temple sent car decals to the police force in Haven, Kansas after a ban on placing “In God We Trust” on its police cruisers was ended. The decals included such phrases as “Valor, Pride, Integrity, Hail Satan,” “Protect, Serve, Hail Satan,” “One Nation, Hail Satan,” as well as “Duty, Honor, Community, Hail Satan.”

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