Left-Wing Violence Has Reached A Tipping Point

We may never be able to help the anti-gun crowd understand that being armed does not (and should never) equate to looking for a gun fight. The consensus on the left is that anyone carrying a gun in public is seeking out a fight. Many believe the notion, that if you carry a gun you are some sort of vigilante hoping for the opportunity to shoot someone. This is why they’re unable to see Kyle Rittenhouse as someone simply defending himself. 

The beliefs of many on the left have been molded and manipulated through media-propaganda and consistent left-wing rhetoric, to convince those who don’t know any better that gun owners are encouraging violence by bearing arms in public. The exact opposite is true.

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As we know, defensive gun uses (DGU) save far more lives than offensive gun uses. Gun related deaths, (excluding suicides and law enforcement related incidents) total approximately 3000 per year. According to a study called Armed Resistance to Crime: The Prevalence and Nature of Self-Defense with a Gun by Florida Criminologist Gary Kleck, potential lives saved by armed law-abiding citizens, exceeds 2 1/2 million per year in America alone.

Although the numbers show us that good guys and gals (46% of DGUs are by women) with guns are merely protecting innocent lives, the anti-gun left constantly pushes a false narrative. The notion that gun owners are looking for a fight couldn’t be further from the truth but the accusation says more about the accusers than it does about the lawful American gun owners.

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Sigmund Freud coined the term “projection.” Projection is the act of placing the thoughts that are occurring in your head onto someone else and blaming them for it. The idea that the anti-gun crowd can’t see gun ownership from a perspective other than the gun owner looking for trouble, tells us that the thought of instigating a fight and inflicting violence on others harbors itself deep in the psyche of the anti-gun leftist and not the lawful, American.

The political left continues to encourage this idea that gun ownership is a gateway to violence, or that guns actually cause violence. They even created the term “gun-violence” to perpetuate the lie. Logical thinking people understand that there is no such thing as “gun-violence, only “human-violence.” The radicals also encourage leftist political supporters to believe that they have been victimized and their acts of violence and destruction in the streets of cities across America are justified. Is it a coincidence that these two mental components are being programmed into the minds of formerly logical thinking people? What is the intended outcome of this type of psychological programming? 

What are the two messages being consistently taught to radical leftists?

1. Guns are for violence

2. Political violence is justified 

The crazed looks that we see on the faces of angry radical anarchists who engage in violence and destruction does not occur organically. These hate-fueled actions are encouraged by thoughts of retribution and the idea that revenge is justified. They believe they are the good guys. These thoughts are cultivated by a destructive media and a very dangerous political party pushing a message that violence is okay if the cause is just.

If you’ll notice, condemning the violence has not been high on the priority list of Democrats in Congress, and there’s a simple reason for that. Because for them, mob chaos isn’t a problem to be fixed.

It’s a tool to be used.

Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate who is the author of Good Gun Bad Guy and Good Gun Bad Guy 2. He also hosts a podcast called Good Gun Bad Guy Radio. Go behind the lies of the anti-gun radicals and find out what they hoped you would never know.

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