Leftist Calls Humanity A “Virus,” Says COVID-19 Is “The Cure”

“Coronavirus is Earth’s vaccine. We’re the virus.” -from a tweet that’s been circulating for over a month.

Then, there’s this:

“The reduction in air pollution in China caused by this economic disruption likely saved 20 times more lives in China than have currently been lost due to infection with the virus in that country,” says Professor Marshall Bruke of Stanford University.

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Throughout social media, the blogospheres, NPR, and other major “news” platforms we’re hearing breathless accounts of the positive side-benefits that COVID-19 is providing our environment. On the one hand, we know how whatever factual or anecdotal evidence of such will be used in the ongoing narrative to justify Green New Deals, and such. On the extreme, there are those who imagine a “better” world without human activity of any kind. Not that there’ll be anyone here to enjoy such a utopia when Mother Nature reclaims the Earth from human eco-malfeasance.

How truly depraved are those of the mind that the world would be better off without us — that, “we’re the virus,” and “coronavirus is Earth’s vaccine?” Do they really wish us all dead?

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Perhaps they should “go first,” voluntarily. Set the example. Put themselves out of the Earth’s misery. (And ours.)

I like to remind those types that Mother Nature is herself a pretty vile bitch. Destructive. Deadly. She has a seemingly unlimited number of weapons of mass destruction at her disposal. She’s a master torturer, who deals out pain, suffering, disease, and starvation, even before she delivers catastrophic death blows with her own environmental disasters.

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That bitch has eliminated entire civilizations with volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. Wiped out towns and villages with tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes. She kills thousands every year with heatwaves, bitter cold, lightning strikes, fires, droughts, famine — as well as with poisonous insects, animals, and plants. Also in her quiver are what seems an unlimited number of deadly microbes — bacteria and viruses.

Since our earliest days, humans have used invention, innovation, math, and science to ward off, sidestep, and overcome her most nefarious wiles. We built shelters and learned to harness fire, electricity, fossil fuels, and nuclear energy to battle the cold and heat. We’ve developed medicines, vaccines, and better hygienic practices to overcome those microscopic terrors. We learned how to hunt, fish, and farm — growing enough food to feed seven billion people — no matter what she annually throws at us.

We’ve exploited natural resources buried deep underground so as to create early warnings against her storms, and to power the vehicles used to evacuate and launch rescues — saving untold millions of lives in the process. In fact, most of human existence is spent in toil against Mother Nature, herself, so that we can live out our short existences in better comfort and safety, in defense against her many attacks on the human species.

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Those human efforts haven’t been without consequence. We pollute, but then we learn how to reduce and mitigate those unintended consequences. We have had Chernobyl and the Exxon Valdez, but those damages are temporary. Mother Nature’s onslaughts against us are daily, relentless, and an ever-present danger. Yet, we’ve figured out how to survive her worst designs — living more comfortably, healthily, and longer. Despite our mistakes, we learn and get better. Even against the most evil of our own kind, through diplomacy, trade, law, and humanitarian aid, we’ve reduced the number who die in war and other man-made horrors.

We’re not the most dangerous organism or force on this planet, by a long shot.

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COVID-19 will not kill us off, but we have to resist those who’d like to leverage this crisis into shutting down or turning back those human advancements that have made us more prosperous, more healthy, and more safe than at any time in human history. Socialism will do just that — setting us back decades, or even longer.

Mother Nature will eventually have a field day against us if we allow centralized control and nationalization of our healthcare, energy, and food sectors. Those need to stay in the hands of our inventors, innovators, and yes . . . our profiteers. They’ve made this world an increasingly better place to live, despite that bitch . . . Mother Nature . . . and the deceptive ancient characterization of her as a “kind and loving nurturer.”

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