Biden Says “No More Drilling, Including Off-Shore”

In 2018, the United States became a net exporter of oil for the first time in 75 years. Meanwhile, liquefied natural gas exports have exploded. Both trends are expected to continue, providing good paying jobs to thousands of Americans across the country.

Unless Joe Biden gets elected, that is.

During his March 15 debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Biden made his thoughts on the energy industry know, and they weren’t positive.

“No more drilling on federal lands,” he said when asked to explain his climate change policy. “No more drilling, including off-shore. No ability for the oil industry to drill, period.”

For good measure, the former vice president later promised to ban fracking as well.

In addition to devastating traditional petroleum producing states like Texas and Oklahoma, those moves would also put an end to the fracking boom that brought new economic growth to such places as North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

How these restrictions would help the planet isn't entirely clear; after all, Americans won't stop needing oil. What is clear is that instead of it being drilled under the EPA's supervision, that oil would be imported from countries with far lower environmental standards. The fact that many of those nations are hostile to the United States doesn't inspire confidence either.

Compared to Trump's record of making America self-reliant by simplifying and streamlining federal regulations, the contrast couldn't be more obvious.

During the course of his campaign, many have said Joe Biden is showing signs of mental decline. Things like forgetting what state he is in and claiming that 150 million people have been lost to gun violence are often cited as examples. Another piece of evidence?

That he's promising to kill jobs and make Americans depend on our enemies.

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