Bernie Sanders Compares Killing Soleimani To Putin Murdering Dissidents

Last week, a US airstrike killed Iranian terror leader Qasem Soleimani. That came just a day after a mob of pro-Iranian militants attempted to storm the American embassy in Baghdad.

While liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz says “there is little doubt that President Trump acted lawfully,” top-tier presidential candidate Bernie Sanders disagrees. On a recent television appearance, he compared it to the way Russia assassinates its own citizens.

“But this guy is, you know, was, as bad as he was, an official of the Iranian government,” the self-described socialist told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

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“And you unleash — then if China does that, you know, if Russia does that, you know, Russia has been implicated under Putin with assassinating dissidents. So once you’re in the business of assassination, you unleash some very, very terrible forces. And what I’m seeing now in this world, as a result of Trump’s actions, more and more chaos, more and more instability.”

Far from being a dissident, Soleimani was a close personal friend of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. He also lead the Quds Force, an international terrorist organization responsible for widespread violence, including the death of over six hundred American soldiers. What’s more, Sen. Lindsay Graham has said “the intelligence was very strong” that Soleimani was planning future attacks.

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Of course, Sanders isn’t the only one to go soft on Middle Eastern terrorists; some of his supporters do as well.

In October, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib endorsed Sanders in the Democratic primaries. Two months earlier, they had attempted to visit Israel with a group called Miftah.

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Miftah once published an article praising female suicide bomber Wafa Idrees as the “the beginning of a string of Palestinian women dedicated to sacrificing their lives for the cause.” It also gave a shout-out to Hanadi Jaradat, a terrorist who murdered fourteen Jews and five Christians; three of her victims were children.

Another article called "Let Us Honor Our Own" lionized Dalal Al Mughrabi, who helped hijack a bus and kill thirty-eight Israelis. She had previously killed a Jewish-American woman.

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But it doesn't stop there: in 2016, Omar sought mercy for one of nine Minnesota men who had attempted join to ISIS. In a letter to the presiding judge, Omar asked that he be treated with “compassion,” arguing that “systematic alienation” and “perceived injustice” caused him to embrace ISIS's “radical approach to change-making.”

This "radical approach" included throwing gays off buildings, drowning people in cages, and using children as sex slaves.

Despite these ties, Sanders remains a strong contender in the Democratic field.

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