While Trump Is Called “Anti-Semitic,” a NJ Democrat Blamed Jews For Mass Shooting

Two shooters attacked a kosher supermarket in Jersey City earlier this month, murdering a police officer and three customers.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib was quick to speak out, tweeting that “white supremacy kills.” Of course, there was a small problem with that announcement: both shooters were black.

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One was connected to the Black Hebrew Israelites, an anti-white, anti-Jewish hate group that harasses pedestrians in major cities. In January, members of the organization hurled profanity and racial epithets at students attending the March for Life in Washington, DC.

Still, at least Tlaib was willing to offer her condolences; one New Jersey Democrat wasn’t so sympathetic.

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In a now deleted Facebook page, Jersey City school board member Joan Terrell-Paige railed against Jewish “brutes” who were committing an “assault on the Black communities of America.”

While Joan Terrell-Paige faced condemnation from many, a member of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) came to her defense.

Carolyn Oliver Fair told Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop along with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy to “shut their mouths” for demanding Terrell-Paige’s resignation.

“How dare they speak out against someone saying how they feel,” the Star-Ledger quoted her as saying. “She said nothing wrong. Everything she said is the truth. So where is this anti-Semitism coming in? I am not getting it.”

NAN released a statement condemning Fair’s comments while claiming that she “does not hold a formal role with NAN.” However, a now deleted LinkedIn profile listed her as executive director of NAN’s North Jersey Chapter.

It’s not surprising that an official with the Nation Action Network would feel this way considering who the group’s founder is.

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In 1991, anti-Semitic rioters murdered a Jewish man and left others beaten; Sharpton was unsympathetic, announcing, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.”

Four years later, Sharpton organized protests against the Jewish-owned Freddy’s Fashion Mart, describing its proprietors as “white interlopers” and promising to “make that cracker suffer.” The demonstrations stopped when a protester shot the store up and then set it on fire–killing 7 people in the process. None of this kept him from being welcomed into the Obama White House.

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And it doesn’t stop him from being an influential figure within the Democratic party today. The Los Angeles Times published a piece earlier this year called, “For Democrats, all paths to the White House run through the House of Sharpton.” It detailed how left-wing politicians “publicly genuflect” before Sharpton, with Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Julian Castro all speaking at an event he organized. Here’s footage of Beto promising reparations:

Not that Sharpton is the only anti-Semite that Democrats are willing to work with. Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan has damned Jews as "wicked," "Satanic,” and "my enemy," and “termites" while praising Hitler as “a very great man."

None of this seemed to be a problem for Cory Booker: in June, the Democratic presidential hopeful indicated that he’s “very familiar” with Farrakhan and wouldn’t rule out meeting with him, stating, “I’ve heard Minister Farrakhan’s speeches for a lot of my life.”

Nor did it stop Rashida Tlaib from writing articles for a publication owned by the Nation of Islam. Of course, she also subscribed to an Instagram account that compared Jews to rats and blamed them for 9/11.

The anti-Semitic strain within the Democratic Party is tough not to notice. What are senior figures within party prepared to do about it?

Not much.

They didn't do anything when Rep. Ilhan Omar proposed a resolution that compared Israel to Nazi Germany.

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Neither did they seem to have a problem with Omar and Tlaib traveling to Israel with a group called Miftah. The organization has praised Hanadi Jaradat, a female suicide bomber who murdered fourteen Jews and five Christians. It also honored Dalal Al Mughrabi. She participated in the massacre of thirty-eight Israelis after having previously killed a Jewish-American woman.

So who is the worst Jew-hater they can find? Why, President Trump, of course--a man who is famously close with his Jewish daughter and has pursued a consistently pro-Israel foreign policy.

That's why it's actually not hard to find examples of Democrats talking about anti-Semitism. It's just hard to take them seriously.

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