Dear Andrew Yang: Whites Aren’t Targeting Asians–Leftists Are.

While speaking at an event last month, entrepreneur and Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang expressed fear for his children’s future. What’s “the great danger” that he thinks his kids will face? Well, it’s not Islamic terrorism, transnational gangs, or large scale war.

It’s white people.

Yang claimed that the “shrinking, insecure” white population is “one generation away” from gunning down Asians en masse. That’s a horrifying thought; it’s also hard to take seriously.

When the FBI reports interracial killings, it lumps Asians in with Native Americans and Pacific Islanders under the heading “Other race.” Across the entire country in 2017, whites murdered a total of 72 “other race” victims, with an unknown number being Asian. However, the FBI relies on data provided by local law enforcement, and given that many states continue to categorize Hispanic offenders as white, the number of deaths caused by people who actually identify as white is almost certainly even lower.

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That isn’t to say Asians have never been targeted for violence. During the LA riots, Korean businesses were singled out for looting, and in 2016, rapper YG encouraged fans to rob Asian victims. Still, the idea that Asians need to fear white America rising up against them is far fetched. However, there is a group they should be worried about.


It’s common knowledge that affirmative action disadvantages whites. What isn’t as well known? That it targets Asians as well, with multiple colleges having tried to limit the number of Asian students. A lawsuit against Harvard has revealed that administrators regarded Asian applicants as less “likable” than black and Hispanic ones.

But it’s not just colleges that try to exclude Asians–high schools do too. In New York, Stuyvesant High, Brooklyn Tech, and Bronx Science are considered to be among the city’s top “specialized schools”–places geared to academically gifted students. They’re also disproportionately Asian, something Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to change. Decrying “the narrative that any one ethnic group owns admission to these schools” and calling their current demographics “a monumental injustice,” he’s proposed removing the current test-based admission process and replacing it with one that some predict will cut Asian enrollment by half.

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So how can Asians protect themselves? Simple: vote Republican. The Trump Justice Department joined the Harvard suit alleging unlawful discrimination. What’s more, President Trump has appointed conservatives to the Supreme Court; that’s important since liberal justices previously upheld using race as part of a college’s admission process. Because despite Andrew Yang’s fear mongering, white America isn’t gunning for Asians.

The Left is.

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