A Woman Was Killed For Saying”All Lives Matter.” Now Her Family Is Being Threatened

Earlier this month, Indianapolis resident Jessica Doty Whitaker was out for a walk with fiance Jose Ramirez and several friends when they were confronted by another group of individuals.

Ramirez told local news affiliate WTHR-TV that an argument ensued, with a member of the other group shouting “black lives matter.” He said that someone from his own group, possibly Whitaker, yelled “all lives matter” in response.

According to Ramirez, members of each groups pulled weapons but both ultimately separated without them being used. However, the other group later opened fire in an ambush, with one of the bullets fatally wounding Whitaker.

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has since released photographs of those they believe are persons of interests, and have asked anyone with information on the case to call (317) 262-8477.

Whitaker leaves behind a 3-year-old son, and while the young mother’s death was a source of grief for her family, others reacted differently.

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The Sun reported that her Facebook page has been flooded with comments celebrating Whitaker’s death mocking the fact that she will never hold her child again.


However, the comments didn’t just stop at mockery, with at least one individual claiming that Whitaker’s family members “are next.”

Others said that her death meant that “the streets are a little safer” and that she had gotten what she deserved.


These are hardly the first people associated with Black Lives Matter to call for violence, as threats from supporters are common. Unfortunately, they aren’t always idle.

An elderly motorist was shot in the arm last month as he was driving past a Black Lives Matter protest in Provo, Utah in June. He was also struck by shrapnel in the stomach and eye.

Jesse Taggart is facing felony charges, with police calling him a “known instigator.” Two other individuals were also arrested in connection with the shooting.

Just a week later, 8-year-old Secoriea Turner was murdered in Atlanta after her mother turned her vehicle into a Wendy’s parking lot. The parking lot had been occupied by armed Black Lives Matter supporters since Rayshard Brooks.

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What’s more, the Black Lives Matter activism has lead to even more bloodshed as police are increasingly worried about confronting suspects.

Yet despite the rise in violent crime which has accompanied the Black Lives Matter movement, Democrat-run localities are refusing to take action. In fact, some would prefer to disband police units than confront criminals.

That’s forced the Trump administration to step in with initiatives like Project LeGend. Named for 4-year-old homicide victim LeGend Taliferro, it’s using federal resources to arrest and prosecute armed offenders. As he unveiled the new program, Attorney General Bill Barr described like the ones murdered LeGend’s as being “a threat to us all.”

So is the movement that emboldens them.

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