Media Ignores Attacks On White Nursing Home Residents

Disturbing footage has emerged of a man savagely beating elderly nursing home residents. One video records him leaving a senior citizen with a bloody face:

Other uploads show similar scenes of brutality. The attacks occurred in Detroit, and police there later confirmed that an arrest had been made:

Although the suspect’s name wasn’t provided, multiple online sources have identified him as Jaydon Hayden. On his YouTube channel, he can be seen preaching that “the black race was supposed to rule the Earth.”

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Even President Trump took note of the crime, tweeting, “Is this even possible to believe? Can this be for real? Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?”

One entity that doesn’t seem to have noticed is the mainstream media. A local Detroit ABC News affiliate reported that the attacks occurred at the city’s Westwood Nursing Center and that the victim was a 75-year-old Army veteran. However, apart from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, there has been little attention from national outlets, and that isn’t surprising. After all, it doesn’t fit their narrative.

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Many on the left argue that whites can’t be victims of racism. It’s what Rutgers University professor James Livingston said after he was banned from a New York restaurant for making hateful remarks about white children.

In a response article called, “Confessions of a Race Traitor,” Livingston announced he had “resigned” from the white race and then insisted that whites couldn’t be victims of racism because it’s “the exclusive property of white, mostly European people in this part of the world.” 

That whites can be victims of racism isn’t hard to prove: when a Florida woman was beaten and burned alive in 2013, one of her killers said part of his motive was that he “hates white people.”

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A California man gave the same reason for murdering 3 whites in 2017. An Indiana suspect was charged in 2016 with killing an 82 year-old white victim; he had previously made anti-white social media posts. Earlier that year, five cops were shot to death in Dallas by an individual wishing “to kill white people, especially white officers.” In Missouri, a man is suspected of killing as many as 6 whites between 2016 and 2017; he made comments online about wanting to “kill all white people.” Still others have been rapedslashed, and beaten for having white skin.

What’s more, the number of whites murdered by blacks every year is more than double the number of blacks killed by whites. How many of those killings are racially motivated isn’t clear.

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What is clear is that this isn’t the sort of information you’ll hear leftists discuss; they’d rather preserve the fiction that whites are the sole perpetrators of racism. Naturally, they aren’t doing whites any favors with that lie. But what they probably don’t realize? They’re hurting minorities too.

One way is by downplaying the danger minorities face from non-white racists, like the Latino gang members indicted by federal authorities in 2016 for using arson and murder to drive blacks from their neighborhood.

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What’s more, convincing whites that racism can’t affect them removes an incentive to care about the issue. Simply put, if anyone can be a victim, then everyone has something at stake. But by telling whites they’re immune, then the social justice crowd is effectively saying, “Don’t worry–this isn’t your problem.”

The truth is, racism threatens all of us. Arguing otherwise doesn’t help anyone–regardless of their color. And since leftists aren’t going to acknowledge that, the rest of us need to make sure justice gets done.

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