“Friendly” Atheist Says Pro-Life Nurses Should Be Forced To Kill

Blogger Hemant Mehta calls himself the “friendly” atheist, but his articles and interactions with Christians usually reveal that he doesn’t often live up to his name. Take this recent article by Mehta, called “Christian Nurses Who Won’t Perform Abortions Lose Lawsuit in European Court.”

The article pertains to Swedish nurse Ellinor Grimmark and others who were fired from their jobs because they refused to perform abortions. The European Court of Human Rights (funny how groups with “human rights” in the name usually have a very poor understanding of them) refused to take up her case on appeal. Hemant Mehta refers to this as “rational public policy.”

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Let me be clear: Ellinor Grimmark and others believe that the human fetus is a full human being with human rights, and Mehta believes it rational policy to force them to kill fetuses anyway on pain of losing their jobs. This is absurd. If pro-life nurses believe that abortion is murder, it’s not enough that they will pledge to help the pregnant mother through the pregnancy safely. They have to be willing to kill the child or Hemant Mehta believes them unfit to be medical practitioners.

This isn’t a radical position, by the way. Contra pro-choice historical revisionism, once it was discovered in the mid-1800s that human life begins at fertilization, laws outlawed abortion as an act of preservation of the fetus. Prior to that, abortion was legal up until the point of quickening, which is the point that the woman could feel the fetus moving within her. That was the point doctors knew for sure that the fetus was alive. But with the discovery that human life begins at fertilization, abortion before viability was made illegal.

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It wasn’t until a decade or so prior to 1973 that states started to liberalize their abortion laws. Then in 1973, the Supreme Court wrongly decided to force all states to legalize abortion up until the point of viability (but allowing them to legalize it up until birth, should they so choose).

The medical profession used to be about preserving life. But now with the incorporation of abortion and physician-assisted suicide/euthanasia, doctors have now been given the right to preside over human life. No longer do doctors repeat the portion about not giving anyone a poison when asked or giving a woman a pessary to cause abortion. Now taking life is seen as just another thing doctors can do for you.

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Suppose this court case was going on when slavery was still legal in Europe. These nurses were asked to drug black people so that doctors could perform dangerous experiments on them. These nurses, believing Africans to be people, refused and were fired for their refusal.

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Then, the ECHR refused to take their case on appeal. We would rightly be appalled at this. However, Hemant Mehta would celebrate it as rational policy. “Performing experiments on Africans is part of the medical profession. These women are saying to the world, ‘we won’t do our jobs!’ If they won’t do it then they don’t have a right to that paycheck. They need to find a different line of work.”

The purpose of the medical profession is to heal, not to kill. The fact that we’ve now given doctors the right to kill is bad enough, but to force doctors and nurses to kill is downright obscene.

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