Asians Are Being Targeted, And It’s Not By Trump

In his daily press conferences, President Trump refers to COVID-19 as “the China virus.” He says it’s a response to Chinese conspiracy theories that claim coronavirus originated with the United States military.

Media figures have argued the term is racist and likely to inspire animus towards Asian Americans. Now, it’s certainly true that Asians are under threat.

Just not from Trump.

The website Next Shark uncovered video footage showing a man being knocked unconscious and hitting his head on a street curb. His four attackers then proceed to mock him as one rifles through his pockets.

Philadelphia police later announced that they had identified two of the four individuals, with both having prior arrest records. The incident wasn’t unique, as last month a mob swarmed and punched an Asian couple as they were waiting on a Philadelphia subway platform.

Nor are such attacks confined to Philadelphia. In New York City, thugs recorded themselves throwing a bucket of water on an Asian man as he stood on the sidewalk. One later engaged him in a fist fight.

While some claim these incidents stem from coronavirus related bigotry, the truth is that anti-Asian violence is nothing new. Rapper YG put out a song in 2014 that advocated robbing Asians, along with a music video that showed two armed men invading an Asian family’s home.

So what explains this phenomenon? Simple criminality might account for some it, but there’s something else adding fuel to the fire: leftist ideology.

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Progressives have long used the concept of “white privilege” to sow resentment and hostility against white people, while claiming whites never experience racism.

However, leftists have begun setting their sights on Asians too. In 2019, the head of New York City’s public schools said Asian children “benefit from white supremacy” due to their “proximity to white privilege.” Twenty-three city council members signed a letter supporting him.

Asians also get targeted by college administrators during the admission process, frequently being pushed aside to make way for other minority applicants with lower test scores. That's why the Trump DOJ filed suit against Harvard University in 2018, a case that is still ongoing.

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That leftists would expand their hate to Asians isn't surprising, as being a minority provides no protection from the social justice movement. It's something plenty of black and Hispanic conservatives know first hand.

In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. hoped that his “four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Sadly, social justice warriors are now rejecting that message as racist. And unless they stop spreading their poison, society is going to have some dangerous times ahead.

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