For Years, Bernie Sanders Let Taxpayers Support His Child

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Self-described socialist Bernie Sanders is now the Democratic presidential front runner, and he’s running on a, shall we say, idealistic platform.

In addition to socializing the healthcare industry and raising taxes, Sanders has pledged to outlaw fracking, offshore drilling, drilling on public land, new pipelines, and natural gas exports as part of his climate change initiative. All of this going to leave a lot of folks without jobs, and they’ll almost certainly need to rely on the government to survive.

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While most people wouldn’t see this as an attractive option, it’s actually not surprising that Sanders would expect taxpayers to take responsibility for others. After all, that’s who supported his son.

Last year, Democratic activist M. Mendoza Ferrer, tweeted out a 1974 Burlington Free Press article about rental discrimination. It included comments from a single mother who said that she and her five-year-old son and had been denied housing because they were on welfare. Her name was Susan Mott; she was Bernie’s baby mama.


That came to light in 2015 thanks to a Politico story called “Bernie Sanders Has a Secret.” Written by journalist Michael Kruse, it details Sanders’ life before coming to national prominence. Among the highlights were fathering a son with Mott after the breakup of his first marriage.

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Sanders has had little to say about the relationship and so have his supporters. One long-time Sanders backer told Kruse the subject was “none of your f—king business.”

While campaigning for his fourth term in Congress, Sanders' Republican opponent hired a private investigator to examine his personal history, something he publicly denounced as "the kind of activity which makes politics so distasteful to people," adding that it "encourages people not to participate in the political process."

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Given the circumstances, it's easy to see why Sanders wouldn't appreciate the scrutiny. He had a college degree (something few had a the time), and yet rather than seek a decent paying job with which to support his son, Sanders chose instead to focus on left-wing activism.

“I don’t know what he did for money,” Kruse quoted fellow leftist Darcy Troville as saying. “Everything was always campaigning. Everything was always organizing. Everything was always writing.” The Kruse does say that in 1974, Sanders pushed for “doing away with all time limitations for unemployment benefits.” If his agenda were ever implemented, then that would probably become necessary.

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Instead of getting a handout, most Americans want to put their hands to use. What's more, they understand that President Trump's strategy of energy independence, regulatory reform, and reasonable tax rates have helped make it happen. Because by and large, people want to take care of their responsibilities.

Not pass them off to others.

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