South Carolina High School Approves Gun Club

CLOVER, S.C. – Principal Rod Ruth has announced the formation of an officially sanctioned and High School Supported High School Clay Target Shooting Team at Clover High School. Currently there are only a handful of teams in the South Carolina State High School Clay Target Shooting League, CHS will be the first in the tri-county area.

The team will be coached by Pete Cappuccilli, a Lake Wylie resident and retired NYPD Detective. Prior to his relocation to South Carolina, Cappucilli also served as a member of the Fire/Rescue squad, as Captain, on Long Island.

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Dan Roberts will join Cappucilli as a member of the coaching staff. Roberts is a certified Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer with over 15 years in the field. He has trained with many top professionals and various Law Enforcement agencies with over 20 years of experience with various fire departments throughout the country.  Roberts has previous coaching experience having worked with his daughter, CHS Sophomore Shyanne Roberts, who has won three state women’s division shooting championships in the last four years.

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Also joining the coaching staff as the Chief Safety Officer is Kelly Hamrick Bivens. Bivens is former Federal Law Enforcement Officer as part of the Nuclear Rapid Response Team at the Duke Energy Nuclear Power Plant.  She is also a SLED Certified Instructor, NRA Training Counselor in all disciplines and owner of 1st Defense Firearms Training. 

Student participants will learn and participate in mandatory firearms safety training and safety education with practical applications of firearms safety as well as take part in one of the fastest growing High School Sports in the Country. The Consumer Safety Council has consistently found that shooting sports have had an excellent long term safety record, including being deemed safer for athletes than other more traditional High School Sports. Additionally, the shooting sports are one of the few sports that truly are co-ed in nature as well as inclusive for students with physical handicaps in many instances.

This article was originally published at 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control.

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