I Walked Away And Voted for Trump. Here’s Why I’ll Vote For Him Again

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So, I voted for Donald J. Trump. It was my first time voting for a viable presidential candidate since 2000, when in my 19-year-old, liberal-indoctrinated, know-it-all naiveté , I voted for Al Gore.

Every presidential election in between, I voted third party; all other races, I voted my conscience. I remained a registered Democrat until early 2016, when I switched to “Unaffiliated.”

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Like many others, I moved towards conservatism as I progressed through adulthood; life experience seems to encourage that. But with my shift to the right, I’ve pondered whether it was my values that changed or just my understanding. The reality is a bit of both: from being very pro-choice to becoming fiercely pro-life; to better understanding my core values of family, integrity, responsibility, and independence.

Why leave the leftist platform? Because the Democrats do not represent me and stand for nearly everything I despise, including elitism, big government, and now the embrace of cultural Marxism and communist economics.

At different points in my life, I’ve been able to check many of the intersectional left’s favorite boxes: being a single working mother, a victim of domestic violence, a victim of sexual assault, a victim of bullying and harassment, a victim of discrimination based on my appearance, at risk of unplanned pregnancy, having student loan debt, and even being poor for a period of time.

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Notice how “victim” keeps popping up? The left would be happy if I embraced victimhood and based my entire worldview around it. I could disregard matters of actual importance, looking instead to the government to absolve my responsibilities and make me “equal.” This a trap to keep people voting against policies that would actually better their lives. And while it may seem absurd, it’s all too effective.

I voted for Trump first and foremost because he wasn’t Hillary. I think I speak for a large swath of my generation when I say we’re tired of Clintons and Bushes. By the time Obama was elected, 20 out of my 27 years on earth saw either a Bush or Clinton as president. They’re establishment elitists who don’t know and don’t care about your average citizen; two sides of the same coin. And that’s the nicest thing I could say.

But beyond that, in Trump I felt a real tangible optimism about the future of our country. Sure, he’s crude and silly, sometimes obnoxious and uncouth, but it was clear from the outset that he wasn’t just another lying, do-nothing establishment politician pretending to give a damn.

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He actually likes America. He likes Americans and he embraces the values of our Founding Fathers.

I voted for Trump because I value the right to life from natural conception to natural death; the right to defend myself and my family from attackers or tyranny; the right to be financially independent, provide for my family, and capitalize on opportunity; the right to openly profess and practice my Christian faith; and the right to educate my child without government interference.

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I’ll vote for Trump again because not only has he met or exceeded my expectations on those issues, he’s tangibly improved the lives of Americans. His pursuit of regulatory reform, tax cuts, and energy independence have brought more jobs and rising wages to many. But more than that, it brought them hope. In short, we are freer, more prosperous, and more confident than at any other time I can recall in my life.

Making America Great Again, indeed.

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