The Truth About Virginia’s Gun Rally

Virginia gun owners made history on January 20, 2020. In response to unconstitutional and tyrannical legislation, tens of thousands went to the state capital and reminded the politicians who they work for. 

While liberal pundits claimed the rally was a mob of dangerous extremist, its participants proved that was a lie.

Columnist Will Bunch made a special effort to beclown himself when he declared that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “would have called out the violent intimidation of Monday’s mob for what it was — terrorism — and so should we.”


The truth is, literally tens of thousands of armed Americans showed up without incident. There were no acts of violence, regardless of how hard the anti-gun crowd wished for them to happen.

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What’s more, the only person arrested was an anti-gun protester. And as the event was winding down, gun owners were caught on tape picking up trash in the streets. When was the last time you saw “terrorists” clean up after themselves?

Anti-Second Amendment radicals use irrational fear to push their narrative, preying on those who don’t know better. They teach that guns cause people to be violent, as if an inanimate object could change someone’s character or sap their free will.

These delusions couldn’t be further from the truth. Legal gun owners have proven once again to be some of the most responsible people, despite the paranoia of their opponents. Of course, that's not to say their weapons never get used: a study done by Gary Kleck in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control showed there are approximately 2.5 million defensive gun uses annually.  

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Yet while anti-gunners work hard to paint gun owners as as violent, hateful, and reckless, Virginia's rally proved the opposite is true. Instead of perpetrating bloodshed, attendees listened to speeches from people like Jan Morgan, national director of 2A Women.

Maybe the anti-gun crowd’s hate is rooted in jealousy, as they envy our willingness to protect what's ours. Or perhaps it's an example of projection: they think having a gun would tempt them to be violent, and they assume everyone else is just as corrupt. But in the end, it really doesn't matter what motivates them, because our response will always be the same.

The Second Amendment is not a privilege. It’s a right, and sometimes people need to be reminded of that. Virginia was a wake-up call to gun-owners who may have forgotten that Democrats are fighting for their agenda. We need to fight for ours.

Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate as well as the author of Good Gun Bad Guy and Good Gun Bad Guy 2. Go behind the lies of the anti-gun radicals and find out what they hoped you would never know.

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