The More Conservatives Win, The More Unhinged Leftists Get

One thing we’ve learned here at Right Edge is that when you run a conservative website, you’re going to attract haters. While the response among readers has been overwhelmingly supportive, some of the reactions have been, shall we say, less than positive

Our mission is publishing fact-based, conservative commentary on political and cultural issues, all while having fun along the way. Not everyone appreciates that, and they usually fall into one of two categories. 

The first is made up of people who try to present arguments against what we stand for. The second isn’t nearly so informed: they can rarely articulate a cogent rationale for why they hate us.

They just know that that they do.

The rage can come from both – being educated does not preclude one from being hostile. But we typically find that the less knowledge a person has on any given topic, the quicker they are to bully and harass. When logic fails, mean words prevail; some even advocate violence: 

Interestingly, the worst offenders are almost always radically pro-abortion. The idea that it’s wrong to kill your child out of convenience is somehow very offensive to them. Meanwhile, these same people will often cry about a variety of other human rights violations, both real and imagined.  

Many will claim that they’re not “pro-abortion” but only stand for choice and staying out of a woman’s womb. However, when pressed on the topic, they will not only support abortion as an option, but will argue some lives SHOULD be snuffed out as a matter of course. This is particularly true when a baby is conceived in rape, will be disabled, or will otherwise face difficult life circumstances; their purported caring and kindness only goes so far. 

We see this mentality spill into other topics, too. Because they can’t handle any criticism of their beliefs, they feel entitled to having their worldview go unchallenged, and don’t react well when it is. Sadly, full-blown toddleresque temper tantrums are far from uncommon.

Granted, it's not surprising some of these folks would be feeling frustrated right now. Thus far, President Trump has filled a record number of seats on the federal bench. As of now, one in four circuit court judges is a Trump appointee, and that number is only going to grow between now and November.

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What's more, he's made two appointments to the Supreme Court, and they may not be his last: Justice Breyer is 81 years old while Justice Ginsburg turns 86 in two months.

Despite not hosting a “debate page” per se, we do welcome lively discussion. This isn't an echo chamber and we know that not all of our readers hold the same views. We enjoy reasoned intellectual debate; it helps to hone arguments, provide material for future articles, as well as to better understand our own positions. 

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Naturally, we recognize that threats and vulgarity aren't so edifying. However, we also recognize that it's inevitable: after all, haters are gonna hate. In a way, we're glad for that.

Because through their vitriol, they reveal what their cause is really about. And the fact is, nothing drives people to our side like getting a good look at the alternative.

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