This Man Worked For Hugo Chavez. Now He’s San Francisco’s New DA

Back in November, San Francisco voters elected their new district attorney. Named Chesa Boudin, he already has government experience.

In Venezuela.

After college, Boudin found work in the South American country as government translator. Hugo Chavez was in power, pushing a Marxist agenda and promising a bright future.

Today, Venezuelans are killing dogs to survive.

That Boudin would help the Chavez government isn’t surprising. After all, associating with violent leftists is a family tradition.

His parents went to prison for helping the Black Liberation Army hijack an armored car in 1981; two police officers and a security guard were murdered during the robbery.

Following their conviction, Boudin was adopted by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, former leaders of a left-wing terror group called the Weather Underground. It committed a string of bombings in the 1960s and 1970s, with targets that included the US Capitol Building and the Pentagon.

But instead of overthrowing the state, Boudin prefers to infiltrate it, promising that his office will "stand up to Trump." Standing up for the law will be less of a priority.

Boudin has already announced that under his administration, "offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted." What's more, fellow leftist Bernie Sanders celebrated Boudin's promise "to fundamentally transform our racist and broken criminal justice system by ending mass incarceration."

The city is already plagued by human waste, dirty needles, and rising crime rates, so the consequences of that policy aren't hard to predict--just tough to think about.

It took Hugo Chavez years to turn a functioning society into a pit of horrifying misery. How long it will take Chesa Boudin is anybody's guess.

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