This Man Threatened To Kill Pro-Lifers. He’s Not Alone

When you read something you don’t like, how do you respond? Most people either ignore it or try and come up with a counter argument. Christopher M. Thompson isn’t most people.

In 2018, Thompson saw an article that had been published by Operation Rescue, a pro-life organization. He reacted by threatening to kill its employees and rape their children.

Thompson repeatedly called the group’s office, each time promising violence. Operation Rescue released a statement about the incident, and it included a voicemail that Thompson had left.

“I’m gonna rape your daughter and I’m gonna kill your family,” he said on the recording.

Those words resulted in federal charges, with Thompson pleading guilty to one count of making a threat. He was sentenced to just over a year in prison.

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Unfortunately, this case wasn’t unique.

Pro-life advocates are often subjected to harassment and violence, with pro-life women seeming to be a favorite target. Last year, hairstylist Jordan Hunt kicked a woman as she argued against abortion.

Conservative columnist Denise McAllister also reported being inundated with threats after she spoke out on the subject. For others, the threats haven’t been idle.

Some men rely on abortion to avoid child support, which is why you can find online guides explaining how to pressure a woman into having one. Those who resist can face deadly consequences.

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Joseph Miner demonstrated that when he firebombed his girlfriend’s house for refusing to abort. She was killed, along with her three year old daughter.

Hawa GabbidonSonya HayesShamari Jenkins, and Lorena Rivera were all shot to death for the same reason. Others have have been stabbed, beaten, and smothered.

Not that America’s largest abortion chain is interested in changing this. Three years ago, Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill that made stalking or assaulting pregnant women a felony. It also outlawed firing her for failing to abort. While pro-lifer’s supported the bill, Planned Parenthood didn’t.

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Regardless of what Planned Parenthood says, we do need tougher laws and the will to enforce them. Because the fact is, Christopher M. Thompson isn’t the only one threatening pro-lifers with violence.

He shouldn’t be the only one going to prison.

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