Democrat Says She Got Minneapolis Mayor To Stand Down Police

Last Friday, President Trump held a rally at Minneapolis’ Target Center. Those gathered inside the building abstained from violence and respected on another’s property.

Outside, it was a different story.

Rally attendees risked being physically attacked as they left the building, with some of the violence being documented on video.

Later, a pile of stolen hats was set on fire:

Not all of the harassment was physical: the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that a 75-year-old woman was screamed at and had loud whistles blown in her face. “I think that was the worst of society imaginable,” the paper quoted her as saying.

Earlier, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey had called Trump's actions "reprehensible" and said the "the city will not stand behind the president." Clearly, the city didn't stand behind those who came to hear him speak. One possible reason for that?

The mayor told police to back off.

That's what a tweet from Aisha Gomez would suggest, anyway. Gomez is a state representative who was photographed taking part in the anti-Trump protests. She was also recorded talking about about how much "fun" she was having; behind her, a group of people yelled at motorists and hit their vehicles.

Given this level of disorder, it makes sense that police would use pepper spray or tear gas to disperse the mob. Gomez didn't agree, and in a tweet, she said Mayor Frey "honored my request that they not use anymore chemical irritants on the crowd."

If Gomez's claim is true, then it wouldn't be the first time local officials have let violent leftists run wild. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has done little to stop Antifa from preying on conservative journalists and members of the public.

That's why many are calling for federal action. Because the truth is, those who use violence to advance their agenda are terrorists. Time to treat them that way.

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