Abortion Doctor Caught On Hidden Camera: “You Need To Lie To A Patient”

LiveActionNews.org  —  An infamous abortionist who killed a teenager in a botched abortion told a pro-choice audience in 2007 that he had a “license to lie” to women. Abortionist Alberto Hodari killed 15-year-old Tamiia Russell. Tamiia was over six months pregnant when she had her fatal abortion.

Hodari also got in legal trouble for allegedly forcing a woman to have an abortion after she changed her mind and wanted to save her baby. The forced abortion victim, Caitlin Bruce, says she told Dr. Hodari to stop as he was putting in the speculum and before the abortion procedure began. The doctor claimed it was too late for him to stop. At the time of his retirement, Hodari had been sued for malpractice at least 23 times.

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In a speech sponsored by a pro-choice group at Wayne State University, Hodari said:

[A]nd I’m not joking… We used to let the boyfriend or husband come to the room where we were doing the abortion…we were very modern, we let boyfriends come in, and they all passed out, and more, one sued me because when he fall [sic] he broke his tooth, he sued me… and so what do I do now if somebody comes? ‘The state says no.’ The state doesn’t say no, but I blame the state. They don’t bother to check with the state.

As Hodari says this, you can hear members of the pro-choice crowd giggling nervously.

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It is not really surprising that the men he allowed into the operating room fainted. The dismemberment of a baby is not a sight most people can easily tolerate. But even more troubling was what Hodari said next:

My wife says we doctors have a license to lie and it’s true. It’s absolutely true. Sometimes you need to lie to a patient about things that they want to do or know, much less now than in the past because they’re more educated between CNN and the internet, the patients are more educated about what we do.

When Hodari said this, he was in front of a sympathetic crowd. He didn’t know that a member of Students for Life was recording his speech.

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These words are very troubling because abortion facilities have a long history of deceiving women and lying to them about the development of their babies and the risks of abortion. Live Action’s own investigations found abortionists and abortion workers lying to women about fetal development:

Hodari admitted that he lied to women, and implied that he had been doing so for some time. Others in the abortion industry have admitted to the same thing, but these admissions usually come after the worker has left the abortion business.

Hodari said that because of the internet, women who came in for abortions in recent years were more knowledgeable. Although social media sites and YouTube have tried to make it harder for people to find pro-life information online, women who set out to discover the truth about abortion have many websites they can use as information resources. In the past 25 years, the number of abortions in the US have decreased dramatically. Perhaps this reduction is influenced by the fact that women now have the ability to more easily learn about fetal development and abortion’s risks before they go to the abortion facility.

This article was originally published at Live Action News.

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