AOC: “All People Should Be Free To Be Here And In Our Communities”

Imagine you see an intruder coming onto your property—how would you feel? Alarmed? Angry? Judging by her comments last summer, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks you should feel blessed.

I think migration, to me, is liberation. It’s the ability to move and be — it’s the freedom to be, really, is what we’re talking about. And I think that all people should be free to be here, and in our communities. Because I think that when you start viewing human beings as intrinsically valuable, you feel blessed that they have come to you with their presence. And that’s really the shift I think that we need to make as a country …

Those statements aren’t surprising given her history: the New York Democrat has consistently opposed a border wall and wants to abolish ICE. Doing so would be a big help to people like Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez. Oseguera-Gonzalez murdered three people despite having been previously deported.

Six times.

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Ramon Alberto Escobar also caught six deportations, and like Oseguera-Gonzalez, he always returned. After crossing the border for a seventh time, Escobar is alleged to have murdered four people. In case after case, the lack of a wall has allowed deported criminals to re-enter, with murder and sexual assault often the result. But it’s not just lone predators who take advantage of a porous border.

A 2019 federal investigation resulted in the arrest of twenty two MS-13 gang members, nineteen of whom were in the country illegally. They’re accused of murdering seven people, including a homeless man. Victims were tortured, dismembered, and at least one had his heart cut out. Those crimes may sound shocking, but for a gang whose motto is “kill, rape, and control,” they’re business as usual.

In 2016 Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas were abducted and murdered by MS-13. The next year, a fourteen year-old was stabbed over a hundred times. Another young man had his face carved open. It’s tough to see the “intrinsic value” of people who would do this. What isn’t hard to see? How Democrat policies have enabled them.

As ICE tries to round up dangerous criminals, sanctuary jurisdictions hamper the effort. And even when they are deported, without a wall there's little to stop them from walking right back in. That needs to change. Because while AOC might say they have a right to be here, the law says something else. The rest of us want it enforced.

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