AOC, Ilhan Omar, And Ayanna Pressley Refused To Condemn Antifa Terror Attack

Self-declared Antifa member Willem Van Spronsen attacked an ICE center this past Saturday. Armed with a rifle and what law enforcement called “incendiary devices,” he managed to set a car on fire before being fatally shot. Van Spronsen had also prepared a manifesto in which he referred to detention facilities as “concentration camps.”

The action was praised on Twitter by Antifa's supporters, with Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King hailing Van Spronsen as "a martyr" in a since deleted tweet. However, to most Americans the assault was an act of terrorism, and despite all the division in Washington, you would think condemning it would something that all members of Congress could agree on.


Rebel Media's Keean Bexte asked Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Ayanna Pressley if they would condemn Van Spronsen's actions. Omar remained silent while AOC said she would be releasing a statement at a later time. Pressely wouldn't condemn the attack, but she did condemn Bexte for "not respecting my personal space." This response actually isn't surprising, especially given Rep. Omar's history of minimizing terrorism.

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Omar chuckled during one interview as she recalled how a college instructor would pronounce the name “Al-Qaeda” with a fearful tone that he wouldn’t use when saying “England” or "the Army." That Al-Qaeda regularly engages in suicide bombings and beheadings didn’t seem to register with her:

Further, in 2016 she sought leniency for one of nine men who attempted join to ISIS. In a letter to the presiding judge, Omar asked that he be treated with “compassion,” arguing that “systematic alienation” and “perceived injustice” caused him to embrace ISIS's “radical approach to change-making.” This "radical approach" included throwing gays off buildings, drowning people in cages, and using children as sex slaves.

She also has ties to the Council on American Islamic Relations, a group that the US government has identified as an unidicted co-conspirator. The designation came amid allegations it helped funnel money to Hamas–a terror group that has killed hundreds of people.

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And at a recent press conference held by Omar and her fellow "Squad" members, the Minnesota Democrat was asked to respond to President Trump's accusation that she is pro-Al Qaeda. Rather, than denounce the terror group, she refused to answer.

Ilhan Omar has complained in the past about Muslims being stereotyped as supporting terrorism. If she wants to see part of the reason for that, then there's a device she can use: it's called a mirror. Because by refusing to condemn a recent terrorist attack, it's a stereotype that she's helping to perpetuate.

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