Cory Booker Attacks Conservatives But Wouldn’t Rule Out Meeting Farrakhan

When it comes to bigotry, Sen. Cory Booker has strong feelings. He claims to have cried “tears of rage” upon hearing that President Trump allegedly made negative comments about certain countries. During Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearings, Booker grilled the nominee over his Christian beliefs and demanded to know what he thought about gays and Muslims. Obviously the New Jersey Democrat simply won’t stand for racism or intolerance.

Unless it’s from Louis Farrakhan.

At a summer event, Booker indicated that he’s “very familiar” with Farrakhan and wouldn’t rule out meeting with him, stating, “I’ve heard Minister Farrakhan’s speeches for a lot of my life.” However, Booker didn’t specify which speeches he listened to. Was it the speech in which Farrakhan castigated whites for being “devils” who “oppose the teachings of God?” Or the sermons that damned Jews as “wicked,” “Satanic,” and “my enemy?” How about the one that compared them to “termites? Perhaps it was when he praised Hitler as “a very great man.”

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If he did meet with Farrakhan, Booker would hardly be the first Democrat to do so. Barack Obama posed for a picture with Farrakhan and Maxine Waters has physically embraced him.

But the connections don't stop there: he told Ilhan Omar not to apologize for anti-Semitic comments while fellow representative Rashida Tlaib once wrote for a publication owned by the Nation of Islam. She also subscribed to an Instagram account that compared Jews to rats

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Of course, Farrakhan isn't the only hate-figure to have a prominent role in Democratic politics; Al Sharpton is another. In 1995, Sharpton organized protests against the Jewish-owned Freddy’s Fashion Mart, pledging to “make that cracker suffer” and condemning the proprietors as “white interlopers.” The protests stopped only stopped when one of Sharpton's followers killed seven people and burned the store down. Still, that hasn't stopped Democrats from seeking his approval. Here's Beto O’Rourke speaking next to him:

One of the questions Booker asked of Mike Pompeo was whether he believed being gay is a "perversion." He doesn't need to ask how Louis Farrakhan feels about homosexuality--the Nation of Islam leader has made his thoughts clear. What isn't clear?

Why anyone should take Cory Booker seriously.

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