Leftists Go After A Rape Victim

"Lindsey," rape survivor

Erica C. Barnett is a feminist who speaks loudly against sexual assault, demanding that its survivors be treated with dignity and respect. Well, unless they disagree with her politically, of course.

Then they’re fair game.

In May of 2018, a woman was raped at a car dealership after dropping off her vehicle. A man named Christopher Teel was arrested on the scene, and police say he confessed to the crime; they also report that he headbutted an officer.

Teel moved to Seattle in 2016 and settled in one of the city’s homeless encampments—places where residents aren’t checked for outstanding warrants (Teel had two at the time of the attack). Neighborhoods with encampments have experienced serious problems, something Colion Noir documented last year:

In response, the victim approached documentary filmmaker and political activist Christopher Rufo. Using only her first name (“Lindsey”), she recounted the experience and explained how Seattle’s policies had put her at risk.

To most people, not using public funds to harbor fugitives seems like common sense; Ms. Barnett isn’t most people. She accused Lindsey of spreading a “false narrative” and even brought up her hair color while dismissing her “many tears.” She wasn’t the only one to express disapproval, with a city councilor claiming the story could “create fear” and leave others “triggered.”

Granted, this behavior isn’t unique: for years, leftists ignored and even mocked Juanita Broaddrick's account of being raped by Bill Clinton and intimidated by Hillary into keeping silent.

Nor is it limited to America. In Britain, rape gangs largely comprised of Muslim men frequently target non-Muslim girls-–some as young as 11. Victims have been branded with their rapist’s initials, subjected to other forms of torture, or simply killed. Those who survive can be sold off to trafficking rings, while others have their homes firebombed for speaking up. The crimes often have an explicitly religious element, with perpetrators calling non-Muslims “trash,” “worthless,” and “easy meat.” A government investigation found that authorities routinely blamed victims rather than arrest perpetrators. The reason? They were afraid leftists would call them racist.

Leftists decry things like "rape culture," but their solidarity often has limits. Because the reality is, if you're a survivor of sexual assault, then you can expect people like Erica C. Barnett to side with you.

Unless you threaten their agenda.

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