Twitter Might “Flag” Trump’s Tweets; It Didn’t Mind These Ones

Last month, New York Magazine writer Madison Kircher detailed a proposal from Twitter to “flag” some of President Trump’s tweets. According to the company’s policy head, “Twitter is exploring how it can annotate offensive tweets that break its rules but remain in the public interest.” For Kircher, this doesn’t go far enough.

She complains that “allowing powerful people like Donald Trump to tweet whatever the hell they want and tacking a ‘this tweet is bad because [insert reason here]’ label on it sets a precedent. It says that because they are powerful, these people are above behaving like every other person on the planet, above following the same rules every other person has to follow.”

That's a curious statement, because plenty of folks have said far more offensive things than Trump and yet they haven't lost their accounts or had their tweets deleted. What's also curious? That they all have something in common...

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Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has been physically embraced by Rep. Maxine Waters, had his picture taken with then Sen. Barack Obama, and published articles by Rep. Rashida Tlaib. He's also railed against gays, and Jews, describing the latter as “wicked,” “Satanic,” “termites,” and “my enemy.”  When he was compared to Hitler, Farrakhan responded, “Hitler was a very great man.” Regarding the Holocaust, he declared, “You cannot say ‘never again’ to God, because when He puts you in the oven, ‘never again’ don’t mean a thing.” And despite tweets like the one below, his Twitter account remains active.

Twitter also doesn’t mind Women’s March co-organizer Linda Sarsour. In addition to praising Farrakhan, she also threatened violence against critics of Islam, including a woman who survived genital mutilation. Naturally, this has given her a controversial reputation, something she blames on “the Jewish media.” Sarsour has yet to be deplatformed.

Leftist and New York Times editor Sarah Jeong made hundreds of racist tweets about white people that she refuses to take down:

Not only did Jeong face no penalty for her bigotry, Twitter verified her account. However, when conservative commentator Candice Owens tweeted the same statements but replaced “white” with “black,” she was immediately suspended.

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PBS host Lindsay Ellis is “really excited about white genocide” (and still on Twitter):

Meanwhile, CBS News producer Shanica Johnson had a succinct message: “Fuck White America.”  

As you can see, Madison Kircher is correct when she says there an "ideology that has only emboldened hatred and division in the United States in recent years"--she's just wrong about where it's coming from. Because the reality, there's a lot more hate among Kircher's fellow leftists than in Trump's Twitter feed.

I doubt she'll be complaining about that.

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