Elites Want Illegal Immigrants…Just Not Where They Live

Avi Yemini is a former Israeli soldier and conservative journalist who Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies recently tried to portray as an Islamophobe. In response, Yemini played recordings of Jefferies making racist comments. Comedy Central doesn’t seem to have been impressed; according to Yemini, the leftwing network reported him as a security threat, and when he arrived in Los Angeles last week, the IDF vet was detained before being deported.

Cases like this show that those trying to enter the country legally can face serious hurdles. Those who enter illegally?

Not so much.

Thanks to Congress, huge sections of the border remain unfenced. And even when illegals get apprehended, they often don’t stay in custody. Earlier this year, Democrats refused to increase funding for detention facilities, something that’s resulted in detainees being released. Last weekend, President Trump offered a suggestion on where they could be sent:

The idea didn’t go over too well with some people. Among them? Cher:

That was a curious response, as the Grammy-winning artist has condemned building a barrier to keep people out. Despite this, she’s very worried about how an influx of illegals could strain the already overtaxed social safety net...in LA. How it would affect communities in Texas and Arizona doesn't seem to be a concern.

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This isn’t surprising: JK Rowling wanted the UK to let in more migrants while she lived securely in her mansion. Victor Davis Hanson has examined how elitists often cheer for an open border, knowing that it won’t affect them; meanwhile, communities like his are forced to bear the consequences:

This past week, two miles from my home, an illegal alien fled the scene of an accident that he had caused, which killed a pregnant Mexican-American and critically injured her 11-year-old daughter. He is still at large. Within a 100-mile radius of central California, at least five citizens were killed by illegal alien gunmen in the last four months.

I doubt examples like these will sway wealthy celebrities. Because despite the impact, many of them remain perfectly fine with illegal immigration.

Just not where they live.

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