Trump’s MS-13 Comments Were An Insult…To Animals.

In 2016, two New York teenagers met a gruesome death. Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas were attacked, their bodies bludgeoned and cut open. You might be wondering, what could have done this on Long Island? Bears? Escaped zoo lions? Nope.

These predators walked on two legs.

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The teens were murdered by members of MS-13, a gang based in El Salvador. This was far from the group’s only attack–or even its most brutal. A 14 year-old victim had his heart ripped out. Another young man’s face was carved open (gang members sent a video to his family). Rape is a common tactic, with women sometimes taken “as property.”

Crimes like that lead President Trump to call MS-13 members “animals” when answering a question on sanctuary cities back in 2018. To most, it’s a fair characterization. To Sen. Kristen Gillibrand?

It’s racist:

Gillibrand said that after Trump’s comments were dredged up recently on Twitter. Her outrage was hardly original: last year, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer declared, “When all of our great-great-grandparents came to America they weren’t “animals,” and these people aren’t either.” He didn’t indicate how many decapitations his great-great grandparents had been involved in.

Fellow Democrat Dianne Feinstein condemned the comments as “racist” and “deeply offensive” since “immigrants are our family and friends and they make significant contributions to our country.” Then California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom also lashed out at Trump for “dehumanizing” immigrants. You would think linking law abiding immigrants to a group that rapes and tortures would be far more offensive, but Democrats apparently feel otherwise.

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Media figures were angered too. Juan Cole said Trump’s rhetoric was an “anti-Latino” effort aimed at dehumanizing Hispanics, and it reflected a desire to “wipe them out.” The countless Hispanics who’ve been wiped out by MS-13 didn’t seem to trouble him as much. The Guardian’s Hannah Jane Parkinson had a more succinct reply:

“Trump just verbatim referred to some immigrants as animals. “These aren’t people, these are animals.” Fuck everyone who voted for him and everyone who continues to appease him.”

Obviously, characterizing MS-13 members as “animals” doesn’t fit with liberal sensibilities. Something it does fit? The facts. 

Two year ago, MS-13 members allegedly kidnapped 3 teenage girls in Houston. The victims were raped and one was ultimately killed in what prosecutors call a “Satanic” murder. Cases like this demonstrate the importance of securing our border. Because the truth is, President Trump’s comments about MS-13 were an insult—to animals.

This article was originally published at Western Free Press.

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