Pro-Life Women Threatened With Rape

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels —  The pro-choice movement claims to be a movement defending women’s rights — but at times, pro-choice activists have threatened and committed violence against women. Pro-abortion men have even threatened to rape pro-life women simply for speaking out with their pro-life beliefs. For these men, abortion is not about women’s rights at all. Instead, it is often more about consequence-free sex and the freedom to get rid of inconveniently conceived children, and they lash out violently at those whom they perceive threaten their way of life. Those with this mindset dehumanize pro-life women as well as preborn babies.

Daniel Becker is a pro-life activist who ran for the US House of Representatives. His purpose in running was to get pro-life commercials aired on television. Legally, TV stations can’t turn down ads from a candidate running for office — and the ads he aired featured pictures of aborted babies. Soon after the commercials aired, Becker began getting threatening phone calls. In his book he writes about the calls he received, starting with the first one:

Having worked in construction for over a decade, I was accustomed to rough language in the workplace, but this experience was different. After 20 seconds of increasing volume and fouler speech, the caller realized I was still listening. No longer content to spew filth and depraved suggestions, he called down curses upon my family and me.

Becker try to dialogue with the angry caller, respecting the caller’s humanity and basic dignity as a person:

Remembering that obscene callers are persons too, I waited for the indecent tirade to subside long enough for me to attempt to pierce the emotional attack and try to find “common ground” with the person…. It became clear after several minutes of attempting to steer the raw emotional display to a place of reasoned dialogue that I was not going to succeed. Acknowledging defeat, I slowly lowered the phone to its cradle.

Immediately the phone began anew it’s loud and insistent ringing. I answered this time with an introductory declaration, “Daniel Becker speaking.”

“&#%$%!” And then a loud hang up.

I fielded one call after another – each exactly like the first… my mind was prepared to reason and engage in dialogue and even debate, but my emotions were wholly unprepared for the demonic onslaught that ensued…

With a heaviness of heart, I answered the next call, “Daniel Becker speaking.”

A calm and measured voice inquired, “You live at 1862 Liberty Grove Road?”

At last – an emotionally stable and quiet tone of voice bringing with it the hope of reasoned conversation.

“Yes,” was my muted reply.

He stated his name, going on, “I am a former Navy seal. I’ve seen a picture of you and your family in the news. You have three beautiful daughters. I am coming to rape them and then kill you!…&#%$%@$ … because of what you just did to MY family!!”(1)

The abusive calls continued through the night.

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Another victim of rape threats was a student at a the University of Windsor in Canada. The student, Maggie, posted a video on Facebook about her ordeal:

I’ve been repeatedly dehumanized on my campus because of my pro-life views. I was an item of discussion in the classroom. I was spat upon by a professor during campus outreach. Campus police threatened to arrest me. I was attacked near campus by a man who asked me if I would have an abortion if he raped me.

Afterwards, he put a photo of an aborted baby in my mailbox, with a single line: “your baby after I rape you.” I was terrified to even leave my house. I failed classes, lost friends, and spent hours in therapy. Professors, campus police, the women’s center, and my student union perpetuated a dehumanizing environment to such a degree that someone felt justified in assaulting me. They dehumanized me, so he did too.

Not only did Maggie endure harassment and rape threats, she was also not supported or helped by campus police. Organizations meant to protect students failed her and even contributed to her emotional trauma.

How hateful does a professor at a college have to be to spit in the face of a student? How corrupt do campus police have to be to ignore rape threats against a vulnerable young woman? Clearly, these pro-abortion activists do not respect women.

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Another victim of rape threats is conservative columnist Denise McAllister. She is a rape survivor, but that did not stop pro-abortion activists from threatening her with rape. After posting a pro-life tweet, McAllister was the victim of multiple threats. She says:

They are threats outside of Twitter, stating they know where I live. Threats of rape and strangling. I spoke to the police. I am on home watch. My children are very frightened.

When pro-abortion activists threaten to rape pro-life women, they show their true lack of respect for all women.

The original version of this article was published on November 5, 2018 at Live Action News.

  1. Daniel Becker Personhood (Alpharetta, Georgia: TKS Publications, 2011) 10-11

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