Illegal Immigration Ruined A Vet’s Life

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James Di Napoli wore a military uniform for 9 years, including time spent in Iraq. By 2012, he was spending time somewhere else.

On the street.

As reported by the Daily Caller News Foundation, identity theft had rendered Napoli homeless. His father allegedly sold his social security number when he was 17, and it was now being used by illegal immigrants, leaving his life “destroyed.” Although Napoli has since gotten a new number, he’s had to rebuild his credit from scratch.

And while a Colorado congressman took up the veteran’s cause, California’s top law enforcement official wasn’t so enthusiastic: instead of pursuing the issue, then state attorney general and current presidential hopeful Kamala Harris merely sent Napoli a letter with a list of phone numbers to call. Considering her rhetoric, that isn’t surprising:

But as victims like Napoli know, identity theft and illegal immigration are closely linked. A report from the Center for Immigration Studies found that states with the largest number of illegal immigrants also suffer from the highest levels of employment-related identity theft, and the consequences can be devastating. In Napoli’s case, the income being reported in his name caused him to lose his financial aid and owe thousands of dollars to his college. Others can face loss of means-tested benefits, IRS audits, and ruined credit.

Of course, identity theft isn’t even the biggest threat associated with illegal immigration. Two illegal immigrant brothers were charged in the murder of a Maryland man recently, and the crime was far from unique. The transnational gang MS-13 is notorious for disemboweling, decapitating, and bludgeoning its victims–both rival gangsters and innocent civilians. Murders are sometimes recorded, with the video sent to a victim’s family. In 2017, MS-13 members kidnapped three teenage girls in Houston. The victims were raped and one was ultimately killed in what prosecutors called a “satanic” murder.

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This article was originally published at Western Free Press.

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