Gun Control Makes NJ Safer…For Criminals.

Do you believe in self-defense? If so, then it seems like New Jersey has a message for you.


New Jersey’s rules on firearm ownership are tough, and under state Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, they’ve gotten even tougher. He’s made it more difficult for residents to obtain carry permits, arguing the move will increase public safety. Strict gun laws certainly made things safe for Michael Eitel: in 2015, Eitel stabbed ex-girlfriend Carol Browne to death in front of her house.

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Browne had gotten a restraining order against Eitel, and she also applied for a gun permit. While applications are supposed to be approved or declined within 30 days, it’s not uncommon for potential victims to wait months for an answer; Browne was murdered 44 days after submitting her request.

But aside from protecting abusers, it’s not clear what these laws accomplish. After all, permit holders rarely threaten the public: of the over 1.3 million Texans who were licensed to carry last year, only one was convicted of murder and another three were convicted of manslaughter. If they formed their own country, its murder rate would be 0.29 per 100 thousand residents. By comparison, the UK’s homicide rate was 1.2. And while they typically don’t commit crimes, they do stop them.

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The facts show that when law abiding people are allowed to defend themselves, society benefits. Unfortunately, facts aren’t something the Garden State’s governor is interested in. Following a mass shooting last year, Gov. Phil Murphy responded with calls for yet more gun control. Curiously, he didn’t mention how the perpetrator was a convicted felon who his administration had granted early release.

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As Americans go to the in 2020 polls, they should take note of who is calling for more gun control. Because the reality is, restricting guns will absolutely make the country safer…for criminals.

This article was originally published at Western Free Press.

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